Frequently Asked Questions

A clear, consistent, and compelling visual identity is an important element in the success of any organization.  Our identity indicates who we are, what we do, and where we are going as an institution. In part it communicates our vision as a significant, energetic, and innovative university; one possessing a clear mission, consistent goals, and distinct objectives. Lee’s visual identity provides support for recruiting students, attracting faculty and staff, and maintaining connections with our alumni, friends and donors.  It also enables the institution’s units to communicate in a way that reflects a common, mutually-acceptable image of our collective enterprise, while reducing the time and resources units would normally have to invest to develop a compelling brand.

The guidelines and policies listed on this site apply to all Lee University faculty, students, and staff, as well as licensees and vendors producing communications or products for or on behalf of Lee University employees, units, or programs. 

A unified visual identity system supports the institution’s brand awareness goals; as a result, units should refrain from creating unique logos or branding initiatives outside of the standards and guidelines in the Identity Style Guide.  Distinct unit-level identities and differentiators can be highlighted in content and messaging, and we are eager to help units find the balance between individuality and support for the overall institutional identity. The Creative Marketing Group is available to assist units in seeking this balance.  Please contact the Office of the Vice President for Information and Marketing before developing any college or unit-level marketing strategies. 

The term “lockup” refers to a prescribed format in which unit names may be combined with the Lee University logo. The lockup system allows units to identify themselves in association with the university in a more consistent manner.

No. To minimize waste, campus units should use their existing materials before ordering versions that reflect the updated visual identity guidelines.

Recognized student groups can develop unique graphics to promote their organization but should act in accordance with these guidelines when utilizing any university-approved logos, graphics and/or communicating with external audiences in an official capacity on behalf of Lee University.

When the Lee University logo appears on merchandise or apparel, it should always be accompanied by a registered trademark symbol (®). The symbol is not necessary on stationery, marketing collateral, or digital communications. 

The policies and guidelines in the Identity Style Guide are authorized by the Strategic Marketing Council and the university’s Cabinet, which includes the President and Vice Presidents of the institution. Responsibility for stewardship of the policies and guidelines is assigned to the Creative Marketing Group, which is chaired by the Vice President for Information and Marketing. Questions, suggestions, or feedback can be directed to the Creative Marketing Group at brand@leeuniversity.edu.