Additional Graphics

The Lee University visual identity system includes secondary marks and graphics. Each plays a unique role in supporting the institutional brand and has limited availability depending on its intended purpose. These include the University seals, Block LEE, and the athletics logos.

Approved secondary graphics:
University Seal
University Block Logo
Athletics Logo

University Seals

The seals of Lee University symbolize its history since 1918. It ties our years of history with our flame of academic excellence. There are three approved university seals – each representative of a target audience, its historical era, and logistics. Two seals – the Church of God and the Cleveland, TN, are smooth edged, while the 1918 is distinguished as the “scalloped seal.” Official seals are reserved for legal documents, Presidential documents/certificates, and diplomas. Seals may only be used with permission from the Office of the President or the Office of the Vice President for Information and Marketing. If you have departmental materials that use the seals, they should be phased out as soon as possible. Please consider using the Lee flame icon or logo instead.

Approved seals:
University Seal
University Seal with Cleveland, Tennessee
University Scalloped Seal

Block LEE

The block LEE is a graphic that can be used in communications as a way to supplement the institutional logo. The block LEE may also be used on promotional items in order to provide a more graphic way of identifying the university. Like the university logo, block LEE should not appear in any other color than the official university color palette. The block LEE is not intended to be used as a replacement for the university logo in communication with external audiences; rather, it is intended for limited instances as part of graphics for internal events, initiatives or campaigns. Any other use of the block LEE requires approval from the Office of the Vice President for Information and Marketing.

Block LEE color and usage guidelines: Download
Block Lee Standard
Block Lee Outline
Block Lee Arch
Block Lee Standard Inverted
Block Lee Outline Inverted
Block Lee Arch Inverted

Block LEE Lockups for Promotional Items

To provide institutional units with more graphic options for swag and promotional items, the Office of Publications has developed a block LEE lockup system for abbreviated names. Unit names that use block LEE should be limited to one word or compound phrase.  Block LEE should not be used as the primary identification of any major administrative or academic unit.  For example, the word “NURSING” can be combined with the block LEE graphic; the name “School of Nursing” should not. To ensure consistent application, block LEE lockups will be furnished by the Office of Publications.

Sample block LEE lockups:
LEE | Nursing
Block Lee Lockup
Block Lee Lockup Stacked


The Athletics Flame, as the primary retail and identifying mark for Lee University Athletics, should not be used as an identifier of other university departments or student organizations.  The following restrictions apply:

  • Advertising and Publications: Use of the Lee University athletic logo, trademarks or name is prohibited without prior approval by the Office of Athletic Communications.
  • Retail Merchandise: The athletic logo for merchandise sales is available only to various vendor sources that have signed a legal contract with the University and must comply with the terms specified in the Registration Certificates on file in the Office of Publications. For more information, contact the Office of Publications at (423) 614-8627 or e-mail