Since most audiences (especially students) rely on the Internet for information, university websites should serve as the hub of our marketing and communications program. It must clearly reflect the Lee University brand.  It is important to create a seamless user experience for our audiences as they navigate university websites. The following guidelines should be followed for university web pages.

Domain Names

All university domains should be registered by IT Systems to ensure proper ownership.  Domain names should follow the naming format of xxxxx.leeuniversity.edu or leeuxxxxxx.com when used.

Web Presence

All university websites should be created by or with IT Systems’ consultation to ensure web standards are being included.

Bulk and Automated Emails

Bulk emails play a significant role in representing Lee University and should be processed by a service managed by IT Systems with emails that use university approved email templates.

Both manual and automated generated system sent emails should follow the same guidelines outlined in the bulk email section of this document.


Lee University requires that all websites and content published after Oct. 31, 2011 conform to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), version 2.0, Level AA.

Brand Bar

All official university web pages—including college, departmental, and unit pages—are required to use the official branding bar, which links back to leeuniversity.edu and includes the logo in (maroon, navy, or white), a site search, and space for one or two optional links. The brand bar is 40px high and has been developed with responsive styling.


Title Format

Unit names should display below the brand bar as plain text and be styled using CSS/HTML.  Logo lockups should not appear in the header of a website or be used for web page titles. (It is acceptable to use a unit-level logo lockup in the footer of a website instead.) Unique wordmark styling of unit names is not permitted.


A list of approved web fonts for Lee University is provided here.


A list of approved icons for Lee University is provided here.

Color Palette

Use of color must be consistent across all university websites. Websites should use the Lee University primary colors—Lee Maroon and Lee Navy, supported by gray tones, ranging in value from dark to light gray.

  • The primary maroon for the Lee University is 202 C.
  • For web and digital platforms, use the recommended HEX value of #76232F.
  • Consider using Lee Navy for rules, borders, backgrounds with black text, and as text on white backgrounds.

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors should provide sufficient contrast between background and foreground elements to ensure accessibility for low-vision and color-blind users. Tools such as WebAim Color Contrast Checker are available for confirming color accessibility.

Hyperlinks should be recognizable and stand out from the body content of the page. The Strategic Marketing Council recommends hyperlink text, when displayed on a white background, use HEX #52a9cd in a slightly increased font weight.


The following components are recommended in every footer and shown in the examples below: Lee logo or unit-specific lockup, address block, additional links that are relevant to most users, and social media icons.